Thursday, December 01, 2011

WeVerb-2011 in one word

I decided to join WeVerb this year. Basically for each day in December there will be one verb prompt and I will blog about that verb.

Day 1 is Choose one word that encapsulates your year.

Simple....Roller-coaster. It has been filled with ups and downs. The last few months of not working have played havoc on me. I have been scared, worried, depressed, upset, optimistic, pessimistic and lonly. A whole jumble of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Yet among the lows are the simple highs. My husband, my fur-babies, my family, my friends. There have been some amazing nights out with friends, a birthday in Hawaii, a fun visit from my parents, we adopted a cat, BBQs and nights in the summer our on our back deck laughing with neighbors, walks to the lake at dusk.

My goal is to try a find more happy to counteract the sad. 2011 has been a hard year, but I am making it, day by day sometimes hour by hour but I am still standing

If you are interested in participating check out #WeVerb

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

Congrats for MAKING IT! And riding the roller coaster out to see it through. I have had something of a tough year, but luckily... or unluckily? I have experience with this and know... everything will be just fine in the end.

I hope to see more of your posts via #WeVerb this year!